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Local Boat Rental Companies

Find Pontoon Boat Rentals, Ski / Wakeboard Boat Rentals, PWC and Watercraft Rentals

Below Compare local boat rental companies, boat sizes, FAQ, weight capacities and prices!


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Flying And Floating Toys - Lake Lewisville

Parasail Rides, Jet Skis Rentals, Pontoon Boat Rentals, Ski Boats and Kayaks


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JT's Party Boat Rentals - Lake Lewisville

Established in Spring 2002 - Spring 2016 on Lake Lewisville

Bringing You Nothing But Boating Information

It has been a great ride for 15 seasons, Captain Joe and Toni want to thank everyone for a great experience. We have decided to retire after this season, Captain Joe will contract out at times and we have turned our website into a Boating Informational Guide, Please keep up with us!


Aloha Watercraft

Lake Lewisville -  I-35E @ FM407 - 454A exit

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boats

Flying And Floating Toys

Lake Lewisville - I-35E @ Lake Dallas 457 exit

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boats, Kayaks,

We are the only parasail and powered parachute operator in Dallas - Fort Worth.

Cottonwood Creek Boat Rental 
Lake Lewisville - Cottonwood Creek Marina Little Elm, Texas
Recreational Pontoon Boat Rental, Jet Ski Rentals, Ski Boat Rentals

Just For Fun

Only Lake Lewisville @ Sneaky Pete's - I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boat Rentals, Barge Single Engine 60 & 90hp

Sam’s Dock Watercraft Rentals

Established in DFW in 2016 - Pier 121 & Hidden Cove Park

Party Boat Rentals, Party Barge Rentals, Pontoon Boat Rentals, Ski Boats, Watercraft and more!

Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine, Lake PK and Lake Granbury

Suntex Boat Club & Watersports

Pier 121, Lewisville, Texas - Boat Club Only

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis and Ski Boats

American Watercraft Rentals

Lake Lewisville

* Prices subject to increase on holidays

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis and Ski Boats


Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Jet Skis, Sailing, Parasail Rides, Kayaks


When renting a Pontoon Boat a few things you need to know:

Questions you need to ask: What are you really getting for your money?

Businesses have to pay sales tax on boat rentals - ask to see sales tax permit.

Insurance is required by law on ALL boat and jet ski rentals, Vessel Livery Laws

go to 31.111. operating vessel Livery ask to see their insurance!

What happens if you wreck or total the rental or get you hurt?

Are they operating out of a city park with or w/o permission and no insurance?

Got all the proper equipment and registrations? Overloaded? Speeding, unsafe driving and DUI's?

The renter does sign a contract stating they are responsible for ALL damages, DUI's and fines.

Now, figure out how many guests you plan on inviting, this will determine how big of a boat you need. Is your group 1, 10, 15, 20 passengers or more? Pontoon boats come in many sizes and are rated for a specific number of people with so much weight. Some rental companies rent you the boat with you as driver and some provide their own driver. Drivers can be included in the price (works on tips) and other charge per hour. Some rental companies furnish gas at no additional charge and some don't and you have to purchase fuel at their marina (3 to 5+ gal per hr. is avg) (how much per gallon?). Some rental companies charge you a clean-up fee or a fee if they find glass bottles. What are you really getting for your money? Most recreational pontoon boats have round pontoons and are not recommended for large groups or commercial use. Commercial grade pontoon boats will have a high weight capacity, this will give your group a smoother and safer ride. Most recreational pontoon boats are rated for 12 or less people with 1800 lbs MAX. USCG-regulated average weight is now 185 lbs. per person. Example: if a boat is rated for 19 persons or 2800 lbs., you would all have to average under 148 lbs. and that does NOT includes ice chest, food, gear, etc. or if there are 12 people at an average of 200 lbs. or 2400 lbs., now add the ice chest (s), food, gear and the driver, so how much does everyone and everything weigh? That 19-person boat just turned into a 12-passenger boat. Now compare a pontoon boat with a weight capacity plate of at least 4000 lbs. or more! Experienced boat drivers know their weight capacity as wind and waves play a large role in the safety, ride and handling of the boat. Remember If the boat is maxed out or overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT than recommended, this is dangerously unsafe, uncomfortable and makes for a bad experience. Please get the proper boat for your guests as too many are hiring the wrong boat to save a few dollars.


For weight of your food and drinks, think about this:

16 oz. = 1 lb. or 1 case of 12 oz. cans = almost 20 lbs., 4 cases of drinks with ice and food weigh about 100 lbs. There are also different engine sizes, different horsepower. Remember that loaded weight and engine size/hp has everything to do with boat speed.

Please get the proper boat for your guests as too many are hiring the wrong boat to save a few dollars.




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