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 Boat Clubs

The Colony, Lewisville Lake, Texas.


Below find Boat Clubs Companies in the Area:.

Always Click on their link for current prices and information.


Big D Boat Club - Now Suntex and has move to pier 121

Suntex Ventures, the Dallas-based owner and operator of marina properties, announced today (May 1, 2013)

that it has merged with Big D Boat Club & Watersports. The new operation will be called Suntex Boat Club & Watersports. Suntex Marinas and now Suntex Boat Club are subsidiaries of Suntex Ventures.


So why do a membership if you can just rent the same boat?


It is just another name for boat rentals except you pay a LARGE fee as down payment and Monthly Membership Dues while also signing a LONG-TERM CONTRACT. Read Your Contract Completely! Are you liable for 6 mos. or all 12 mos in dues? Unlimited Boating? How many boats are there and how many members share? How many members are competing for your weekend or holiday time, and how is it decided who gets a boat?  What time frame is "unlimited?" Do you have to bring the boat back by sunset? Are the boats used as rental boats when not used by members? Do you pay monthly dues if you cannot get the time you want due to weather, prior reservations, heavy work schedule, etc.? Can you book your whole season at one time? If you want every Sat. from 12 to 8, will you be able to get that? How early/late can you reserve or can you even stay overnight? Are gas and oil included or do you have to pay extra? How about having to pay Entry/Parking Fees into the park? If you're late or lost and you stay past your reservation time, are there penalties and what additional charges do you incur? Is your club membership cancelled if you have an accident...even if it's not your fault? Is there $1 million in commercial liability insurance which the city requires to operate a business on Lake Lewisville? Are you responsible for any boating accidents or damages and have to pay a deductible or for all the repair costs?

As a Club Member, are you liable as a group for another club member in a lawsuit? How long has the company been in business? What about weather concerns and people arriving late that might cause delays for your reserved time? If your plans change, are there any cancellation fees? Are you guaranteed any number of hrs. use each month?

The normal season for boating in Dallas is May Memorial weekend to Sep. Labor Day weekend,

Approximately 14 wks.-- and, for most people, is usually only during weekends and holidays.

Average boating time is approximately 30 hrs. a season at 2 - 4 hrs. a week or less.

Example: $1,500 Down, $250 a month x 6 mos. = $3000 / 30 hrs = $100 per hr.

Gas @ 3-5 GPH x 4hrs = 12-15 gals @ $4 per gal = $48 - $60 each time you go out.

This is an avg. $100 per hour + gas = $150 per hr?

So avg. 30hr per season @ 3hr rental = 10 trips

Add another $1,500 if you have to pay for the whole year even though you might not use the boat 6 mos. out of the year due to cold/rainy weather or work schedule.

That makes the cost $4500 / 30 hrs =  $150 per hr. + Gas!

What about sales tax?  No matter how it is presented, you are still renting a boat which requires sales tax. 

Most rental companies do not have long-term contracts,

have free parking and furnish the gas/oil at no extra charge.

Most rentals in the area are approximately $50 - $85 per hour and include fuel.

Example: $85 x 30hrs = $2550 + Tax and includes gas.

What ever your choice, be safe and enjoy our lakes




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